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Summer Skin Care Essentials

Skin care be tricky regardless of the season, but summer poses some unique challenges. The heat can cause the skin to become irritated, invisible inflammation sets in, encouraging the production of free radicals that cause wrinkles and skin-aging. That’s why it’s so important to use the right cleanser for your skin condition rather than type when the weather is as severe as just experienced here in So Cal. If your skin is dry using a cleanser for your oily skin type is counterproductive. A gentle cleanser with hydrating properties maybe be your best solution (PCA gentle cleanser) to hydrate and soothe your skin. Prolonged heat exposure can also cause flaking and peeling of the skin and this is also no time for harsh scrubs , I recommend (PCA gentle exfoliant) once the inflammation has reduced to help with cell turnover and reveal soft skin . Let’s break down exactly why skin tends to be more sensitive in the summer and what you can do about it.

UV rays

Everyone knows that skin redness caused by a sunburn is bad, but what some people don’t realize is that simply tanning is extremely damaging to the skin. Even a slight tanning of color of the skin is a sign of injury. Exposing your skin to UV rays without proper protection weakens the structure of the skin, causing lines, wrinkles, sagging and stretched pores, and can make your skin more sensitive in the future. 90% of your skin signs of aging are a direct results of the sun, so always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen and stay in the shade when you can! (PCA Sunscreen)


Chlorine is one of the biggest summer irritants for skin. Even if you don’t frequent the neighborhood pool often, minimal contact with chlorine can leave your skin dry and flakey. No matter what skin type you have, always cleanse after coming into contact with chlorine. It can seep into your pores and cause irritation and dryness so it’s important to find the right products and treatment.


We all sweat more in the summer; there’s just no getting around this . Sweating is good for the skin however , if you let it sit on the skin for any prolonged period of time, the bacteria can get reabsorbed back into your skin and cause breakouts, excess oil, inflammation and dehydration. The right cleansing formula will (PCA face wash) gently cleanse away this pore-clogging sweat, and it will bind to your skin’s oil and impurities.

Ineffective Sunscreen

It’s shocking how often people choose the wrong sunscreen. Above all, make sure to choose a formula that’s labeled “broad spectrum” – that’s the only way to ensure you’re protected against burning UVB and aging UVA rays. It’s crucial to choose the right skin care products ESPECIALLY when it comes to sun exposure as the outcome can be deadly ie skin cancer. I'm always surprised at the number of people who do not use sunscreen. Find one that has been dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating, (PCA weightless sunscreen) It’s crucial that you apply the right amount, a with about a pea sized amount for the face alone. Also reapply every 2 hours when exposed to the sun. Also a wide brim hat is is always stylish and a must, if out at the beach.

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