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Saving Face.... Serums

Healthy looking skin is something we all desire but ,with so many products on the market how does one make an informed choice? Having a basic understanding of the right ingredients for your skin type, is one way to answer that question. Maintaining a diligent skin care routine goes a long way in protecting the skin’s  barrier from premature aging and discoloration.

In this article i will share with you some of the benefits of serums .These potent ingredients in a serum form provide a powerful delivery of ingredients meant to rejuvenate, and repair the skin on a cellular level.Serums are a great addition to any skin care routine because they are easy to layer and offer multi-targeted solutions to your skin .When layering product go from the thinnest to thickest consistency for optimum absorption.

Grapeseed oil-  Reduces inflammation and a great antioxidant.

Green Tea :  Fights free radicals that cause aging for a smoother complexion .

Hylauronic Acid: Maintains skin moisture and  slows down aging , by keeping collagen levels up.

Mandelic Acid: Reduces hyperpigmentation especially in darker skin tones and increases skin elasticity by promoting collagen production.

Salicylic Acid: Treats acne and skin discoloration in particular from sun damage.

Vitamin A : Increases cell turn over, which decreases as we get older.This super product protects against UV rays, boosts collagen, evens out skin tone and clears acne.

Vitamin C : Brightens the skin and also protects skin from sun damage.

Vitamin E: Fights free radicals and is also an anti-inflammatory.Below are unretouched photos from Ex Linea Serum , which contains vitamin e and hylauronic acid.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: They essentially "dissolve" the upper layer of skin cells which in turn triggers cell renewal and repair .Some may tingle a bit as they penetrate the skin, but a good serum should not burn or sting.

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